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Oct. 5th, 2008


Just you wait until Tuesday.


Stolen from Mitty, I thought it was a good idea.

"Post anonymously.

- A secret
- A compliment
- Something you dislike about me
- One thing you would give me if you could
- One thing that you would take away
- Lyrics that remind you of me
- Your age
- Do you consider me your friend? An acquaintance? Or just a random person? Or even an enemy?
- A hint to who you are"

Doesn't matter what you say. I don't care if you say that I'm the shittiest person you've ever met. Just say something. Please. I'd rather know anyway. You don't even have to give a hint.

-edit- I fixed it. You can post now.
Je ne sais pas si j’ai le droit d’être heureux. Je ne sais pas que je suis heureux actuellement.

Aujourd’hui était plus bon que les autres, à coup sûr. J’ai acheté beaucoup de la partition pour le piano, mais je ne suis pas une très bonne pianiste. Donc, ce n’est pas important, je pense. Si je m’entraîne beaucoup je suis sûr que je serai capable de jouer bien.

Mais le magasin n’avait pas le partition pour l’Amélie. Donc je n’ai pas le partition pour « Comptine d’un Autre Été : L’Après Midi ». C’est très triste, ça. Je pleur. T___T

C’est ça pour maintenant.

Beaucoup d’amour pour toutes mes amies ! Grosses bisses !


(That's supposed to say 'sleep', btw, not sheep.)

Man, today I just felt like I was in a constant cloud. My mind was clouded with lack of sleep and the headaches that just made my eyes close of their own accord. I guess sleep isn't as overrated as I'd originally thought.

Thank you guys SO much for getting me food at lunch today. I have no idea how I managed to actually fall asleep with you all talking there, but I guess that's what happens when you're deprived. Anyway, I really do have the greatest friends. <3 I love you all.

Gods. I feel so terrible; there's SO much in the news on the Virginia Tech shootings this morning. 30+ people. Thirty people went to school this morning with hopes for a future, with no idea that they wouldn't live to do their homework that night, go clubbing with their friends. Their families must be in total shock: it's so sudden, no warning at all. To have been in one of those classrooms and see your friends shot and killed and hurt.

It's just a very sobering thing to watch.

Je ne sais plus ce que je veux...

... ::is in history. Doing french. I mean, hisory...::

People keep yelling at people to post their Christmas lists. THEY NEED TO POST THEIRS, TOO!!! Pwease?

Wheeee, it's almost Christmas! Too bad exams kind of sour the whole "happy-winter-break" mood. But that's okay! Because I get to go Christmas shopping!

AND IT'S DECEMBER AND I'M WALKING AROUND WITHOUT A JACKET ON!!! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! TwT. And there's no snow. And I'm going to fail all my finals. And then my grades are going to drop. And my dad is going to pull me out of Academy. TwT

Ah, well. All I have to do is study, right? >_<

... btw, what does 'quixotic' mean?


C'est l'hiver officiallement!!

Okay, so it was more like drizzle-snow. It's still snow, yes? You can't see the mountains anymore.

... which is bad, since that means that my sense of direction is pretty much shot without big reference points, but ah well. So I'll get lost... >_<

Gaaaaaaaahhhh, school is killing me. I'm not trying very hard, just because I'm rediculously overwhelmed when I think of everything I have to do. I was doing so well, and now it's all slipping. There are times when I find tears on my face, crying with stress. I'm just not motivated enough to do work, but motivated enough to know that if I don't, then I'm going to fail miserably.

... and midterms are in three weeks...

... ::dies::

.... and my room feels like a sauna. I can't help it if I'm cold-blooded...

A Black Friday

Nnnnnng.... ::dies::

Today was terrible. Ugh. Just terrible. Fuck.

It was black friday, as many of you know... I've been shopping from 5:00 am to almost exactly 5:00 pm... the only reason we stopped is because I had a dizzy spell and nearly collapsed, which is how I remembered that I hadn't eaten or drank all day. Not to mention that my cousin's seriously affected me, from making me more ditzy than I normally am to getting me to buy things that I'm really never going to wear! Augh!!

... At least I bought the Chobits and FMA soundtracks. The Chobits soundtrack is very... interesting, a little of a dissapointment. Whatever. I'm beyond caring.

::sigh:: I don't want to be emo. Happy? Where's the happy?
"... is this stuff caffeinated?"
"Um, yes."
"Oh, good."


Ah, thanksgiving. I'm gratefull of so many things.

I am thankful, so thankful, of all of you, my friends. I love you so much; I can't imagine not having moved here and not meeting you. ::huggles::

I am thankful for my family, who I always underestimate, and who always surprise me.

I am thankful for Ross, who... well... you've changed my life quite a bit. Thank you. ^_^

I am thankful for my friends in Wisconsin, without whom I wouldn't be who I am today.

For books, worlds where, when life seems at it's worst, you can lose yourself and become someone entirely new. And you wonder why I hate books with sad endings. Who doesn't want all endings to be happy?

For drawing, where I can CREATE new worlds, and show everyone just what I can do.

For my memories, those good and the bad, those lessons I've learned and kept and help me today.

For nature, in it's perfect beauty, where life if simple, deadly, and very often short. So many lessons to be learned.

FOr air, for water, and... GOOD GOD THERE IS A HUGE COCKROACH ON MY WALL!!!!

... whew. Anyway.

That kind of interrupted my chain of thought. Gah. Ah, well. There are so many things I'm thankful for, small things and big things; sunlight memories, golden, strong. Lessons. People. Friends, happiness. Sadness, even. Music. It's magic. Wicca, that wonderful feeling of connection, with everything. It's lovely.

Much love, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A small rule of thumb: While in Whole Foods, do not shoot a rubber band at your mother, because you might just miss and hit the cashier instead. And then both the cashier and your mother will be unhappy with you.


Anyway, it's my brother's birthday! Yay! ^_^ He is now... 12... weird. And aaaah, it's a four... no, FIVE!! day weekend. Excitement! I have so much I've been meaning to get done, which I probably won't, but hey, at least I thought about it. That's a start, right?

Much love to you all, really. If you feel I've been... abandoning you, please, let me know. I'm sorry. You all mean so much to me. <3


This just in:

Kelsey has been banned from her computer for a month.


That is why I won't be online much for the next month. TwT